What could we build. together?

Are you 18-30?
Eager to explore how faith connects to other aspects of your life?
Thought about theological study, but not sure who it would work with your busy life?
Are you keen to build relationships across the church? Not just friends, but mentors and others who are a bit further along the journey than you?

At build. we are about giving you the tools to reflect and make sense of your faith and church in the context of your whole life. build. is a one-year full-time Diploma in Theology that aims to build theological foundations for the whole of life, in partnership with local churches, church agencies and other Christian organisations.

build. with meaning.

At build. we don’t want to shy away from big questions. We also don’t want to give easy answers. We’re about helping you develop strong theological, intercultural, and reflective skills so that you have the tools to answer questions about a life lived following Jesus, wherever he might be leading you.

build. with wisdom.

Learn, explore, grow. build. is a perfect time to consider where faith fits into your family, your cultural identity and context, your friendship group and your career.

build. with others.

Our elective streams provide opportunities to build relationships across the church, to learn from a breadth of Christian experience.

What's happening now?

Interested in seeing what’s going on in the build. sphere? Find out what events and courses are happening with us.

build. small things over time.

One day. Twenty-four weeks. One year.  It’s a small commitment to make to gain skills, tools and friendships that will pay out exponentially over time. And it still leaves time for all the other important stuff in your life.

build. with us.

Life can get complicated, but study doesn’t need to be. You’ll learn in an environment that will nurture and support you as you reflect, discover and grow in confidence. There are many ways to learn, and together we’ll explore the best fit for you.