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Is build. for you?

Our program is for those who are serious about exploring how faith fits within the whole of life – for those who aren’t just content to attend church like it’s a chore, but who want to grow in understanding of what Christian life is about, and to consider what unique contribution they can make to the wider church and world.

At build. we’re approaching theological education differently.

We want to help you build strong theological, intercultural and reflective skills to help you answer your questions about life and faith, in ways that are relevant to your community and context. We’re not out here teaching you content just so you can write an essay about it – in fact, we’ve built our assessment to be super practical, adaptive and with smaller wordcounts, so you can spend more time applying the content to your life and context.

Whitley build.
Whitley build.

You’re not planning on becoming a pastor.

Unlike many theological studies programs, we’re not training you for full-time ministry. We want to get to know you and help you think about what Christian life looks like for you – wherever God might be leading. We want to connect you to a diversity of Christian leaders, academics and mentors, both local and global, that reflect your community and experience.

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